May 7, 2020

THE electrifying question

What keeps us connected, entertained and informed nowadays? Our screens, or rather the lithium-ion batteries that power them.

Hey, it’s Rick here, your friendly graphite freak and dyed-in-the-wool scientist obsessed with the electric revolution. I’m back to tell you all about one of my all-time fave topics: lithium-ion batteries.

Why? Because everyone’s talking about them. Because they’ll play a major role in the massive transition to renewable energies. And because you still have time to get in on the action. #GotGraf

What’s needed to make high-performance lithium-ion batteries?

A battery has many connected cells. Each unit has three main components: a positive electrode (cathode), a negative electrode (anode), and a liquid electrolyte. For the moment, we’re interested in the anode. Why? Because the specific anode material is what lets manufacturers make commercial batteries that meet the highest stability and durability standards.

This is where the strength of graphite comes into play, as graphite anodes are like magic for the producers of lithium-ion batteries. And this has allowed Nouveau Monde Graphite to make its foray into the world market → TSX.V: NOUOTCQX: NMGRFFrankfurt: NM9 

Is your curiosity piqued? To get your graf on, read below.


Graphite anodes are all the rage.

Graphite is, of course, my favourite mineral, but it is also the top choice of lithium-ion battery manufacturers for many reasons:

→ SAFETY: Stability is an important issue to consider in the choice of material for battery anodes. We want electricity, not fire!

→ DURABILITY: A battery needs good durability for manufacturers to offer a guarantee to consumers. For example, batteries in the Tesla Model 3 have an 8-year or 190,000-km warranty, after which the battery has to be able to deliver at least 70% of its original capacity. That’s a high bar for the competition!

→ ACCESSIBILITY: Quebec’s supply proximity to the North American and European market lends a mark of confidence to extraction and processing practices and gives manufacturers a potent logistical advantage.

→ LAB-CERTIFIED: Analyses done by the Center of Excellence in Transportation Electrification and Energy Storage show that, when transformed through the process developed by Nouveau Monde Graphite, the Matawinie deposit graphite meets all requirements for use in lithium-ion batteries.

→ MULTI-PURPOSE: Lithium-ion batteries are part of our lives. They’re in cell phones, computers, tools, drones, electric scooters and bicycles, engines, wind and solar energy storage systems, and more. The difference between 20 years ago and today is the amount of graphite we need to meet an ever-increasing global demand.

Now that you know the role of graphite in renewable energies and the importance of lithium-ion batteries in a world aspiring to be carbon neutral, are you going to join the electric revolution?

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Let’s tip our hats to everyone who has made the electric dream possible

I would not be able to live, eat and breathe graphite without the many people and companies who helped its development along! Acknowledgments are in order.

First, we need to thank American scientist John Goodenough, British chemist Stanley Whittingham, and Japanese chemist Akira Yoshino for inventing the lithium-ion battery.

We also need to thank Moroccan engineer Rachid Yazami for developing the graphite anode for these batteries.

Thanks also to Sony for commercializing the battery in 1991 and to Elon Musk for his dedication to the electric revolution.

Thank you to Nouveau Monde Graphite for discovering the Saint-Michel-des-Saints graphite deposit and launching an environmentally responsible mine project to supply North American manufacturers with a value-added product.

And thank you for following me!

Psst: Benchmark Mineral Intelligence now counts 136 lithium-ion battery mega-plants. If all go into production with the planned capacity, they’ll need a supply of 2.6 million tons of graphite anodes per year!


Until next time,
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