June 24, 2020

Long Live Quebec, Long Live the Quebec Mine!

Not only is Quebec filled with amazing people, but we are also lucky enough to have great sources of wealth. Plus, our world-renowned entrepreneurs have built small and large companies that meet high performance and sustainability standards.

We have brilliant talent, quality infrastructure, clean energy to spare, outstanding research centres, and (you so know where I’m going with this… drum roll, please!) quality natural resources like graphite! #GotGraf

A world leader in the mining industry

With nearly 30 exploited mineral resources, many of which are strategic minerals, Quebec is a hotbed for the mining industry in Canada and even the world! 

With its ongoing operations and exploration projects for copper, nickel, rare earth elements, lithium and graphite, Quebec and Canada are up to the task of meeting growing demand for clean technologies—as the electrical revolution is not just the latest trend, it’s a way of life.

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Want to know more?

“About half of the world’s publicly listed mining and exploration companies are listed on Canada’s TSX and TSXV and the country ranks as the sixth largest energy producer in the world. Canada’s abundance of natural resources, global market access and commitment to emissions reducing technology make it a prime investment location for forward-thinking energy, minerals and metals, and forest sector companies.” (source: Invest Canada

Our Belle Province is internationally renowned, and I’m not the only one who says so!

We attract talent from everywhere, from Saint-Michel-des-Saints all the way to Africa! Nouveau Monde Graphite has positioned itself so well in this booming market that workers from other continents are hopping over to contribute their talents and expertise to a Quebec-based and carbon-neutral mine. Located just 2 hours from Montreal, the mine is a boon to the people who both work here and invest here!

Performance standards that rock the globe (just like Arcade Fire, eh?). The innovative and forward-thinking Quebec Mineral Exploration Association (QMEA) has developed its Certification According to the Principles of Sustainable Development for mineral exploration companies. Their goal is to help spread good environmental, social and economic practices throughout the industry to help today’s producers meet selection criteria. Nouveau Monde Graphite has even been honoured for its practices!

Even the financial markets are paying attention to good mining practices. It’s true: National Instrument 43-101 Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects (NI43-101) exists to protect investors by preventing fraud through a recognized system for classifying mineral resources. Foreign and domestic companies listed on the stock exchange under the supervision of the Canadian Securities Administrators must comply with this instrument, which provides security to investors both large and small!

These days, it’s real easy to be green. Under the Towards Sustainable Mining initiative, mining companies have to assess their performance every year based on 23 indicators that measures things from their tailings management, biodiversity conservation and environmental footprint to their Indigenous and community relations. The bar is high, and that’s good!

I know what you’re about to say: “Today of all days, and a holiday no less, is when Rick, that graphite freak and mining-blogger extraordinaire, decides to get all official on us?” Yep, you got it! Because for me, today is THE perfect day to remind all not only about my passion for graphite and Nouveau Monde, a company riding high on its mining acumen; it is also a day to feel proud about this little-known source of wealth that is pushing our economy into the future.

Jobs, clean energy, exports, investment, and Canadian mining assets are worth getting serious about, even on a holiday! See Natural Resources Canada’s numbers for yourself.

Like me, you’ll get all misty-eyed when you read not only our ore but also our heritage and our ambitions!

The story of Nouveau Monde Graphite is now one of thousands of success stories that have made Quebec what it is. This company went on a mission to explore new territories and, thanks to a combination of grit and talent, it found not just any old deposit of natural flake graphite, but a major one that will bring us big benefits.

Why has the Matawinie mining project developed so quickly? Because immediate potential could be seen from the graphite’s high quality and the deposit’s homogeneity and accessibility. My employer’s popularity continues to grow because its product is increasingly in demand, its operations meet the highest industry standards, and its business model attracts investors.

Happy June 24, from our mine to you!

Let’s all keep driving our homegrown successes (with electric cars please!) to benefit everyone who lives in our glorious province → TSX.V: NOUOTCQX: NMGRFFrankfurt: NM9 #BuyLocal #ELECTRIGratification

Happy Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day!
Rick, Graphite Freak
VIP at Nouveau Monde Graphite
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