May 20, 2020

7.5 million reasons to get in on the rEVolution

History has been marked by all sorts of revolutions: American, industrial, cultural, and counter-cultural. In the past sixty years, we have pushed the limits of what’s possible with space flight, artificial intelligence, and the explosion of the electric vehicle market. Whether we like it or not, progress marches on.

The world is witnessing an extraordinary revolution, as the electrification of transportation has moved on from the concept phase.

The stars are now aligned: technology, resources, government policies, a collective will to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and other factors are all pushing demand for electric vehicles at a global scale, even despite the pandemic!

Today, I think we should come together around a common planetary goal to make our post-COVID recovery a green one.

Let’s face it: people will always need to get around

I may be an eternal optimist, but that doesn’t mean I have my head in the clouds. While returning to the new “normal” will mean plenty of changes, we will inevitably go back to our individual or collective transit habits.

Clear skies, better air quality, and the demonstrated impact of human activity on the environment has convinced more and more of us to switch to zero-emission alternatives. (Personally, I love my electric bike!) Tax credits and other government programs that encourage others to follow suit is just icing on the cake.

20 years ago, this was all a pipe dream

Back in my high school days, science class revealed the magic of chemistry, biology, physics and computers. At the time, the Internet wasn’t a fixture of our homes or offices. When I would get talking about how much this technology would impact global communications, my classmates snorted about my “wild ideas.” I get it; people have a hard time imagining that the world will change!

But who would have believed that we’d find ourselves in a post-apocalyptic health situation? Yet here we are.

When I attended my high-school reunion last fall, everyone had their smartphones out to snap pictures that would post instantly to social media. Suddenly, I was no longer the bizarre kid with the outlandish theories.

I had a crowd hanging on my every word about the electrification of transportation and the popularity of Li-ion batteries with graphite anodes. This time, they believed me. They even asked if they could invest in this technology of the future! (Like, for sure!) → TSX.V: NOUOTCQX: NMGRFFrankfurt: NM9

Just hop on board with science and we’ll go far—I promise!

Making a mark with a small carbon footprint 

The entire world is embracing battery technology. We are all becoming collectively aware that we can change our habits and choose alternative transportation technology that is economic and sustainable. While we can do our part as individuals, so can the giants of the industry.

Major car manufacturers are all pushing the envelope to stay competitive. While Tesla is most well known for its fully electric cars, manufacturers like BYD, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, BAIC BMW, SAIC, Volkswagen, Geely, Hyundai, Chery and others are also developing their own zero-emission models.



So what are these millions of reasons to get in on the rEVolution?

  • 7.5 million: the number of electric vehicles that were on our roads at the end of 2019.
  • And 28 million is Volkswagen’s production target to take the pole position in the market through investments of US$37 billion.
  • Now 54 millions are the projected annual electric vehicle sales for 2040 based on the latest analysis by Bloomberg NEF.

If you extrapolated these numbers to the whole value chain, I bet that the calculator in your phone (which operates with the same lithium-ion technology as electric cars!) wouldn’t have enough space for all the zeros. The rEVolution has begun, get on now! #GotGraf


PS: The electric vehicles we see on the roads are just the tip of the transportation-electrification iceberg. Our old ways of getting around are going the way of the horse and buggy. So which horse do you want to bet on?


Until next time,
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