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Whether or not you have found a job offer that matches your interests and skills, you can send us your application using the form below. It will be filed for careful and confidential consideration according to our present and future needs. For efficiency purposes, please understand that we are not guaranteeing any contact or tracking on behalf of Nouveau Monde Graphite. We shall contact you if an employment perspective that meets your criteria appears. We are pleased that you consider a career with Nouveau Monde Graphite and thank you for your interest!

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Equality in Employment

Nouveau Monde Graphite subscribes to the principles of employment equity and equal access to employment opportunities. The following questions have the sole purpose of applying these principles to persons belonging to minority groups.

Aboriginal refers to Native Americans, Inuit and Métis. Given this definition, are you an Aboriginal person?

The term visible minority refers to persons other than aboriginals who are non-Caucasian or not white-skinned. Given that definition, are you in a visible minority?


By entering my name in the box below, I declare that the information given in this application for employment is true, accurate and complete in every respect. If a baseline survey showed that I made a false statement, I know that I will be subject to removal. I further agree that my hiring depends on the verification of my references and authenticity in this statement.